Alexandria Montgomery
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Alexandria Montgomery is a multi media artist with a focus on performance, video and installation. After participating in a national rescue effort during Katrina, Montgomery was inspired to move to New Orleans leaving her home in New York City.

I know you're disintegrating but I can't see you
Prospect 2 satellite show
oil on wood, nylon, cellophane, wings
October 22, 2011 - January 29, 2012

The rapid disappearance of Louisiana’s coastal wetlands is the fastest landmass loss in the world. The rest of the country has no idea. Generations of Cajun, First Nations and Vietnamese families live here sinking. Over 400 species of birds depend on this land for survival when making their long migration over the Gulf of Mexico. The total number of birds detected by radar crossing the Gulf of Mexico each year has decreased by half within the last twenty years. The 1927 diversion of the Mississippi River completely severed the river’s ability to replenish these wetlands. Additionally, thousands of channels were dug throughout them for oil and gas extraction. These channels cause saltwater intrusion killing everything in its path. There are over 4000 oil platforms off the coast of Louisiana.

Acknowledgments:Carla Bozulich and Jhno Eichenseer for sound consultation, Monkey wid-a fez for wood panels, Holy Family Thrift for nylon, The National Audubon Society for the opportunity to serve in the wildlife rescue effort during the oil disaster of 2010, Mike Tidwell for his book “Bayou Farewell” & Mark Davis for knowledge and inspiration.